If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

-African Wisdom



Kin-Startup LAB


Kinshasa Startup Laboratory is a creative laboratory for the new-age Innovations, Inventions, Digital Technology, Scientific Studies - Experimentals, as well as Visual Communication - Art. An entrepreneurship company based in Kinshasa - DR Congo. It was co-founded early this year 2020, by 3 passionate Congolese brothers. “The Muks'' Mukuna. 


Kin-startup LAB was conceptualized from three differents countries. Germany-Berlin, South Africa-Cape Town and Congo DRC-Kinshasa.

We aim to identify the needs of our communities, as well as the challenges that most African countries goes through. Furthermore, We also identify and analyse business gaps into the public markets economy. After deep analysis and diagnosis, our Laboratory creates startups companies that then put in place, new design innovations, Inventions, and sustainable concepts, services, and products for strong and long-lasting development. 


Moreover, Kin-StartupLAB are designed to generate and to boost the growth of our country's economy, as well as the African continent in general. Whilst creating multiples employments for The African youth, especially into this new era of Digital Technology.

Vision & Mission

It is to revolutionize the African economy by accompanying responsible African leaders for a new conscience vision of Africa, as well creative African youths toward a strong, confident sustainable development of our beloved continent.

Considering the fact that Africa is the world's youngest population, with 60% of Africa's population are youngsters under the age of 25 years, we believe that Africa has a fresh ground and energy for a new age of innovation and creative entrepreneurship into the African market as well to the world.

With an ecological and conscience entrepreneurship approach, by referring to our Africa’s norms, values, realities, culture, and diversity, we aim to transform the daily life condition of our communities by combining different functions of our departments inside our creative laboratory with new-age concepts, digital technology services, agro-social projects, and African innovation & invention with a passion and vision to contribute toward a smooth and conscious African development.

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Our Team



Kin-StartupLAB Co-Founder, COO (Chief Operating Officer) Project Manager, Holding a bachelor's degree from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and now working as Software Engeneer. 


Kin-StartupLAB's Financial Manager and Business Adviser. I develop high-quality business strategies and plans to ensure an alignment with short-term and long-term objectives.


Kin-StartupLAB Co-Founder, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Visual Storyteller, Author, Filmmaker,  Creative Entrepreneur, Cryptocurrency enthusiast, and Spiritualist for well-being. Former Customer Adviser at Klarna Bank Berlin and Amazon Post & Parcels quality logistic Agent.


Kin-StartupLAB's CTO (Chief technology officer) Senior Software, Web, and Mobile Developer. I am a full-stack software engineer that always thrives to build and deliver fast and concise applications. I see the future world having in its backbone a structure of technology in every field, and that is why I want to bring innovation into African countries so that we can move along the world.


Kin-StartupLAB Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and  Executive Assistants. Completing a BSc(Eng)  in Civil Engineering at The University of Cape Town and a young pan-africanist who believe on inevitable higher economic growth in Africa now and in the years to come. 


Kin-StartupLAB's Human Resources Manager also focuses on social Media Marketing. My vision is to make the African continent a land of dreams and realization for young girls and boys.