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Our projects

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CuckooPACk  In progress...

CuckooPack: We aim and are convinced that CuckooPack It's going to be a fast, reliable, and fast-growing African e-commerce, which will provide an intelligent delivery logistic system of goods and services to the customer even in rural areas of our community, with the supporting upcoming enterprise CuckooPack-R.Post.


In progress...

  • CuckooPack-R.Post: After a long time of observation and research from MUKS Brothers, we realized how important the economic growth and development progress of African won't happen with a poor communication system, especially in the field of letters and parcels. We are now working on what we call a Revolutionary Postal system. 

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The first concord with our sacred water, was my sister Mireille Tshiala Wa Mukuna fully wi

Water for all

  • Water For All: It's a social project and it's was the first accomplished project with financial support from a crowdfunding program. With our passion to support many African rural communities who are lacking access to potable and drinkable water. Earlier in 2019 our CEO Tresor Ilunga Mukuna travel to KONGO to plant a seed of Water for all, by establishing one and successful ecological water irrigation in a rural area of Kinshasa city. We envision and aim that, with the civil engineering knowledge of our brother Benjamin Bukasa Mukuna and our team to establish micro water irrigations for people all around Africa rural areas, so that no African child lack access to clean water in a near future.

more projects are there to come...

More Projects are There To Come...


 As a creative laboratory team for a well-researched, studies enterprises establishment and potentials upcoming companies Kin-StartupLAB vision to be the youngest leading African company with a stable and profitable economy. 


We have more upcoming projects which are still in our laboratory to be public soon. Especially in the field of: 


Kin-StartupLAB Team is also open to assist and accompany any entrepreneur investors who would like to enter the African business market in this golden age. With our creative knowledge team and our Financial Manager and Business Adviser Mr. Bonolo Mokgatle we can provide an insurance road map for a successful business establishment.

Image by Suzanne D. Williams

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.

- Rabindranath Tagore

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